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Better driving and lower insurance costs

There are several advantages to taking my Pass Plus course. You can learn how to be a better driver and reduce the risks of being involved in an accident on the road.
Pass Plus courses can also be cost-effective and save you money in the long-run, as many insurance companies offer lower insurance to drivers who have taken the course.

Be a better driver; reduce your chances of being in an accident.
Enjoy the increased driving abilities that my Pass Plus course will give you.

Lower car insurance

Many insurance companies recognise the benefits of Pass Plus. Subsequently, they offer lower car insurance premiums to drivers with greater awareness, who've taken Pass Plus courses. Save yourself money when it comes to insuring yourself for driving.
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Develop the skills and confidence to pass your test. Professional and friendly driving lessons to prepare you for your test.
girl with her motorway lessons certificate

Enhance your motorway driving skills. Detailed and expertly taught lessons to improve your motorway driving.
Had a really great time learning with Paul. I learned quickly and comfortably and never felt unsure about anything; he made me feel very confident. Passed my practical first time with 2 minors. Thanks Paul.
Harriet Emily Herbert
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Lower your insurance premiums by having the extra skills gained from Pass Plus with Paul Found Driving School in Stroud:

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